Current exhibition : Yellow

From May 23 to September 27, 2015

The sixteen contemporary ceramists we have chosen have taken yellow as their theme, an enigmatic colour to which has been ascribed very different values depending on the place and the time.

16 contemporary ceramists

The sixteen artists we have selected have in their turn approached this enigmatic colour which has been given very different values depending on the place and the time. The brillant colour of power, wisdom and wealth of Asia and Latin America, the colour of the Emperor of China, becomes lacklustre and sad, the colour of decline, sickness and felony from the Middle Ages in the Western World.

Yellow is difficult for all artists, by reason of this ambivalence and emotional baggage, positive or negative, which it lets loose. However, it is even more difficult for ceramists in that it demands particular a great mastery of techniques, a demanding continuity in research and for this reason a total engagement in the approach to creation.

Thus when the artist has discovered the secret of the colour and achieved the divine alchemy linking the form and the matter, the visitor can become intoxicated in unbounded joy in the rays of the suns.

The exhibitors

Alain Gaudebert - Ingrid van Munster - Jean-Francois Bourlard - Josselin Metivier - Lauriane Firoben - Marc Uzan - Marie-Claire Saint-Jevin - Martine Le Fur

© Photo Credit exposition Jaune : Jérémy Logeay - www.jeremielogeay.fr

« A sun is a light which for want of better I can only call yellow,
pale sulphur yellow,
pale lemon,
Yellow, it is so beautiful »
Vincent Van Gogh – Lettre à Théo

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