Previous Exhibitions

Since its inauguration the Bernard Palissy Museum organises exhibitions each year on very divers themes.

2018: Impressions of Africa

2017: Céladon

Discover Jean-François Fouilhoux and Claude Champy works.

2016: Capron, 4 ceramists

The masterpieces of Roger, Jacotte, Philippe and Louis, three generations of ceramists invite us to discover all ceramic approaches.

2015 : Yellow

The sixteen contemporary ceramists we have chosen have taken yellow as their theme, an enigmatic colour to which has been ascribed very different values depending on the place and the time.

J-F. Bourlard, E. Constantino, B. Courcoul, L. Firoben, A. Gaudebert, A. Hédé, Y. Lambeau, M. Le Fur, C. Lumineau, J. Metivier, M-C. Saint-Jevin, B. Stedman, M. Tavernier, M. Uzan, I. Van Munster, J-P. Viot

2014 : Bodies

Twelve ceramists present their own representation of the body. Sculpture, modelling or « painting », man, woman or child, nude or clothed in its social attire, each work presents a known being or poses a question on that other self even into its intimacy.

L. Gaudebert, A. Tollet, S. Combres, J. Coville, C. Destieu, D. Corregan, J-L. Taschini,
S. Moine, P. Morel, P. Lacroix, P. Rollet and A. Schonerstedt.

Some former winners of the Palissy Prize exhibit on the same theme on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the pottery fair:

F. Peyrat, F. Galissaire, J. Jacquinot, R. Alcaras, J-P. Chollet, S. Piaud, T. Basile, L. Pineda, Ch. Lumineau, H. Jous, A. Gaudebert, J. Dutel, J-F. Bourlard, C. Seigneur, D. Schlagenhauf.

2013 : « Inventerre » (Invent-earth / Inventory) – Ceramic collection 2002 – 2012

The museum has never ceased to enrich its collection between 2002 and 2012. Here it presents the acquisitions of the past ten years.
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2012 : Michel GARDELLE - « une histoire de terre – le soleil en rit encore » (« a story of clay – the sun is still laughing about it »)

20 years later the public rediscovers the vertiginous, impertinent and refreshing universe of Michel Gardelle, his creative innovation, his affirmation of vitality. His lucid spirit questions our epoch.
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2011 : Paper clay

The addition of paper or cellulose to the clay (Paper clay) broadens the limits of the possible. Contemporary creators seize this recent technique to achieve forms until now impossible to achieve.

C. Farrow, V. Lebrun, P. Paronetto, A. Roos, D. Schlagenhauf, O. Sliva.
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2010 : Dedications – Homage to Bernard Palissy and Yoland Cazenove

Yoland Cazenove has invited artist friends to pay homage to Bernard Palissy on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his birth.

E. Astoul, E. Alexia, E. Boinot, G. Browaeys, F. Carasco, P. Cassone, B. et J. Courcoul, N. Crestou, M. Gardelle, G. Garric, A. Gaudebert, P. Geoffroy, J. Girel, A. Hédé, K. Heeman, V. Hermans, J. Jacquinot, P. Lacroix, M. Le Gentil, E. Magen, L. Pineda, A. Praudel, H. Soète.
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2009 : Young talent

What is happening in ceramic creation today. The museum invites six national prize winners of the « Art workshops of France ».

E. Peccatte, B. Ymonnet, M. Vince, S. Tonnelier, A. Murakami, E. Weiss.

2008 : The successors of Palissy

Christine Viennet, Geoffrey Lulff and Gisèle Garric continue the work of Palissy in the 20th century.

Delicious illusion
The Figuères workshops of Marseille present their « trompe l’œil ».

The passion of a collector
The donation to the museum by the collector Maurice Lambiotte is presented to the public.

2007 : Nature on stage

Six contemporary ceramists rediscover the Palissy spirit and his taste for Nature.

A. Bulliot, B. Pénicaud, G. Buthod-Garçon, S. Piaud, A. Larpent, C. Viennet.

2006 : Decor « from colour… to white – Abstraction and geometry »

The final chapter of the tryptic continues the reflection on decoration with relation to colour used in an abstract fashion, from geometric decoration to the play of light decorating monochrome designs.

P. Barde, P. Dubuc, A. Benoit-Jakubec, M. Lanos, F. Himhoff, M. Damas, M. Everaet, Haguiko, Q. Meister, A. Siesbye, C. Varlan.
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2005 : Decoration – « from nature… to the image – scenes and ornaments »

Animal, vegetal and human connect with the wish of representation and evocation that constitute the picture. Creation becomes illustrative, narrative, pictorial, approaching the frontiers of abstraction.

A. Girel, P. Alechinsky, T. Basile, C. Destieu, M. Gardelle, K. Heeman, M. Kay, P. Lacroix, J.G Mossot, S. Perrotte, G. Portanier, J.P. Van Lith.
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2004 : Decoration – « from the line … to the senses – imprints and signs »

The first of a series of three exhibitions devoted to decoration, the exhibition returns to the origins of the decorative vocabulary made up of furrows, chevrons, repetition. The meaning is hidden, fades away, leaving only the trace of a gesture, the rhythm of a breath or the imprint of passing time.

M. Fischer, A. Annen, R. Deblander, P. Geoffroy, F. Gioria, M. Hardy, V. Hermans, G. Perez, V. Raymond-Stempowska, M. Requena, D. Roberts, I. Roux, P. Teulières.
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2003 : Ceramic collection 1992-2002

The acquisitions of the first ten years of the museum are presented to the public for the first time.
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« The artists’ universe »
Seven ceramists re-create their workshops in the museum and present their inspiration, their techniques and their recent creations.

A. Bulliot, Y. Cazenove, T. Chagué, D. Corrégan, D. de Montmollin, N. Pasquer, A. Vernis.

2001 : Copper red

Skin of peach, blood red, moonlight… a pallet of copper is offered today to thirteen ceramists who renew an oriental tradition of more than eight centuries.

T. Bezanson, E. Chapallaz, J.P. Chollet, R. Deblander, X. Duroselle, J.F. Fouilhoux,
F. Franck, A. Gaudebert, J. Girel, P. Lacroix, C. Sanders, J.P. Thomas, M. Uzan.
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2000 : Wood, fire, terra sigillata, patina and smoke

Thirteen ceramists rediscover the clay by polishing its surface and entrusting it to a primitive fire.

J.P. Azaïs, D. Bardet, P. Bayle, A. Bulliot, L. Combres, T. Dessauvage, F. Gioria, J. Grison, D. Millet, M. Nicole, N. Pasquer, D. Ross, P. Wouters.
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1999 : Wood, fire, stoneware, glaze, salt

The second of a triptych presents the work of thirteen creators, grand masters of clay and fire to offer an emotion as raw as the crust of the earth, as luminous as a flame.

Jean and Jacqueline Lerat, E. Astoul, R. Bonert, T. Chagué, J. Courcoul, J.M. Foubert,
F. Gallissaires, E. Magen, J. Nugier, H. Rousseau, C. Varlan, Seung-Ho Yang.
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1998 : Wood, fire, enamel

The first of a series of three exhibitions devoted to wood firing, the exhibition brings together works where the enamelling flame affirms or disturbs the enamelled matter with which the ceramists have in varying degrees decorated their works.

V. Ivanoff, M. Berthier, Y. Cazenove, C. Champy, B. Courcoul, B. Dejonghe, A. Gaudebert, J. Jacquinot, P.Y. Morvan, B. Pénicaud, S. Piaud, G. Quinchez, G. Sybesma, A. Vernis.
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1997 : In the footsteps of Palissy « Bestiary of artists »

Inspired by their illustrious predecessor, the ceramists adopt the bestiary in a very contemporary fashion.

G. Aslanian, J. Coville, P. Dansette, M. Degluaire, J. Fontaine, J. Girel, J. Hair, M. Rominger.

Birth of a collection
The museum brings together essential artists and launches its collection.

G. Aslanian, J. Buchhotz, C. Champy, D. Corrégan, P. Dansette, J-F. Fouilhoux, J. Girel, C. Hair, A. Vernis, C. Virot.

1996 : Raku, tradition and changes

Nine ceramists offer different approaches and open wide a window to the rich opportunities of raku.

P. Soldner, C. Virot, A. Vernis, D. Corregan, H. Durrenberger, C. Hautbois, R. Delhange, M. Langeberg, M. Joosten.
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1995 : Celadon yesterday and today – « The colours of nature »

« The colours of Celadon challenge the chameleon » (P. Lacroix). Fourteen ceramists confront their celadon : a piece of the moon, the colour of the sea, the light of time, frost, shadows crossing the plants, calm water in the swamps…

M. Barnsdale, J. Buchholtz, C. Champy, D. Clarkson, R. Deblander, D. Emms, J.F Fouilhoux, J. Girel, C. Hair, V. Hermans, P. Lacroix, D. Leach, D. de Montmollin, B. Sutcliffe.
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1994 : Claude CHAMPY

The strength of the work of Claude Champy, the powerful imagination, the richness of the enamel on torn materials…

1993 : Daniel de MONTMOLLIN

Unchallenged master of enamels, Brother Daniel de Montmollin uses remarkable enamels made from ashes and rocks on his refined forms.

1992 : Michel GARDELLE

The ceramist from the Landes kindly agreed to « open » the museum. His universe, an improbable synthesis of African, parietal, and popular arts and the most intellectual of avant-gardist movements, inaugurates in the best possible way the history book of the museum.

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